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Pop Smoke Braids: A Definitive Guide

Pop Smoke, the late rapper who left a lasting impact on both the music and fashion world, not only brought us hit songs but also introduced a unique hairstyle known as “Pop Smoke braids.” These distinctive braids, also referred to as tribal or jumbo feed-in braids with a middle part, have gained popularity among fashion-forward individuals worldwide. In this definitive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Pop Smoke braids, from creating them to maintenance, styling, and more.

Pop Smoke Braids

Creating Pop Smoke Braids

The Two Primary Methods

Pop Smoke braids can be achieved using either your natural hair or by adding extensions for added length and volume. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks.

Using Your Natural Hair:


  • Preserve your natural hair texture.
  • Reduces the weight of the braids, leading to less tension.


  • May limit the length and thickness of your braids.

Adding Extensions:


  • Allows for longer and thicker braids.
  • Provides more styling options.


  • Can be heavier and put additional tension on your scalp.

Maintenance and Durability

How Long Do Pop Smoke Braids Last?

Typically, Pop Smoke braids can last between 6 to 8 weeks, depending on several factors:

  • Natural Hair Texture: Coarser hair types tend to maintain braids longer.
  • Maintenance Practices: Proper care can extend the lifespan.
  • Braiding Technique: A skilled stylist’s work can significantly impact durability.

Tips for Maintenance

To ensure your Pop Smoke braids look fresh and vibrant throughout their lifespan, consider these tips:

  • Satin Scarf: Sleep with a satin scarf to prevent friction and hair loss.
  • Foaming Mousse: Apply foaming mousse to your braids weekly to maintain their shape.
  • Edge Control Gel: Use edge control gel to keep your edges sleek and well-defined.

Materials Needed

Determining Hair Pack Requirements

The number of hair packs you’ll need depends on the type of hair and the chosen style. Here are some common scenarios:

  • Bundled Pre-Stretched Hair Extensions: You can achieve your desired look with as few as 3 packs of hair.

    Cost of Pop Smoke Braids

    Understanding the Cost

    The cost of getting Pop Smoke braids can vary widely based on factors such as location, the stylist’s experience, and the complexity of the chosen style. Typically, prices range from $100 to $250.

    Finding Affordable Options

    Here are some tips for those looking to stay within budget:

    • Student Stylists: Consider having your braids done by a student stylist at a lower cost.
    • Local Salons: Research salons in your area for competitive pricing.

    Hair Care While Wearing Pop Smoke Braids

    Sleeping with Pop Smoke Braids

    Properly caring for your braids during sleep is essential to avoid damage or frizz. Here’s how:

    • Use a silk or satin bonnet to protect your braids and minimize friction.
    • For longer braids, twist or bun the ends before securing them under your bonnet.

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    Avoiding Frizz and Damage

    To maintain the integrity of your braids, follow these guidelines:

    • Handle your hair gently, especially around the edges.
    • Be cautious when removing your braids, taking care not to pull too harshly.

    Protecting Your Edges

    Edge Damage Concerns

    Pop Smoke braids are known for their signature cornrows that lay close to the edges. To prevent damage to your edges, follow these steps:

    • Ensure the stylist doesn’t braid your hair too tightly.
    • When removing your braids, be gentle around the edges to avoid hairline damage.

    Straightening Your Hair

    No Need for Straightening

    Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to straighten your hair before getting Pop Smoke braids. In fact, braiding natural, curly hair is more than suitable. Straightening can expose your hair to heat damage and is unnecessary for this style.

    Alternatives to Straightening

    If you’re concerned about the state of your natural hair, consider alternatives to straightening:

    • Try a heatless stretching method like the banding method.
    • Section your hair into 4-6 chunky braids after washing to ease the braiding process.

    Washing Your Hair

    Hair Washing with Pop Smoke Braids

    You can indeed wash your hair while sporting Pop Smoke braids. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the potential for frizz when washing a protective style like this.

    The Right Way to Wash

    For a successful wash while preserving your braids:

    • Opt for dry shampoo and focus on the scalp to minimize frizz.
    • If using regular shampoo, apply it to the scalp and gently massage it into the braids.
    • Follow up with conditioner or leave-in conditioning spray to restore moisture and shine.

    Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle Ideas

    Stylish Pop Smoke Braid Variations

    Pop Smoke braids offer a range of styling possibilities suitable for various ages and occasions. Here are some inspirations:

    1. Pop Smoke Braids for little girls: A cute curvy front part with beaded ends, perfect for little ones.
    2. Pop Smoke Braids for toddlers: Fun and youthful, adorned with colorful beads.
    3. Kids Pop Smoke Braids with beads: A leafy pattern with beads and hair cuffs, ideal for kids.
    4. Simple Pop Smoke Braids for kids without extensions: For those who prefer not to use extensions.
    5. Chunky Pop Smoke Braids for teenagers: Versatile and suitable for school, occasions, and parties.
    6. Stitch Braids Pop Smoke Braids: A fun pattern with a signature look.
    7. Zig zag purple Pop Smoke Cornrows: Unique pattern with a beautiful shade of purple.
    8. Zig zag or Straight Pop Smoke Braids: Combining zig-zag parts for creative flair.
    9. Tribal Feed-In Pop Smoke Braids with Ginger Hair: Elegant style for special events.
    10. Tribal Feed-In Cornrows: Beautiful structure to grab attention.
    11. Stitch Braids Cornrows with a bohemian finish: Perfect for summer and festivals.
    12. Side Parted Pop Smoke Braids: Stylish and easy to manage.
    13. Three layers Pop Smoke Braids: Adding dimension to your style.
    14. Eight Pop Smoke Braids: Cute, thick, and quick to install.
    15. Jumbo Pop Smoke for Women: Thick, voluminous, and stylish.
    16. Light brown Pop Smoke Braids: Chic and versatile for various outfits.
    17. Curvy Pop Smoke Braids: Lovely parting design that stands out.
    18. Medium-Sized Pop Smoke Braids: Perfect for those who prefer a smaller size.

    Each style can be achieved with specific hair products and accessories.


    Pop Smoke braids are more than just a trendy hairstyle, they are a versatile and protective option for people of all ages and backgrounds. From creating your braids to maintenance, styling, and caring for your hair, you now have a comprehensive guide to embark on your Pop Smoke braid journey. Explore these diverse styles and embrace the distinctive look that Pop Smoke brought into the fashion world. Pop Smoke braids are not just a hairstyle; they’re a statement. So go ahead, express yourself, and enjoy the journey of looking and feeling fantastic.
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