How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup has the incredible power to transform our features in subtle yet impactful ways. Many people wish to enhance the appearance of their eyes through makeup, aspiring to achieve stunning, larger-looking peepers. However, those with naturally small eyes may feel limited in the eye makeup looks they can create or feel their eyes appear too tiny compared to current beauty standards. The good news is that eye makeup techniques can help eyes of all sizes and shapes achieve a brighter, wide-eyed appearance. With the right makeup products and some practice, tricks like shading and highlighting can make almond-shaped eyes pop even more or can help smaller eyes appear larger and more prominent. This article will explore beginner-friendly tips to enlarge and draw attention to the eyes of anyone who wants to know how to make your eyes look bigger! By playing up strengths and improving areas of concern, the transformative magic of eye makeup can boost all eyes’ natural beauty.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Understand Eye Sizes

Eyes exhibit a diverse range of shapes and sizes, spanning from the expansiveness of large, round eyes to the charming slant of small, almond-shaped ones. While contemporary beauty ideals may spotlight the allure of prominent, widely spaced eyes, it’s crucial to recognize that each eye size possesses its distinctive beauty and charm. The following offers a succinct juxtaposition of the defining features of large eyes in contrast to smaller ones.

Big vs Small Eyes: Key Features

Feature Big Eyes Small Eyes
Eye Shape Round, wide-set Almond, close-set
Iris Size Large, prominent iris Smaller iris
Eyelid Space Ample lid space for eyeshadow Less visible lid space, may be hooded
Eyelashes Shorter, straighter lashes Long, curled lashes
Highlight Effect Don’t need highlighting tricks Inner corner/brow bone highlight helps eyes pop
Eye Makeup Focus Dramatic eyeshadow/liner looks Creating an illusion of more space
Key Concerns Can appear too wide-set Can appear too small

For example, many techniques like shading the crease and extending eyeliner flicks can help small eyes appear larger and more defined. Other tricks like tight lining the upper lashes can make eyes look brighter without overwhelming small eyelid space. Rather than comparing to other eye shapes, the goal should be enhancing what already makes your eyes stunning. With the best eye makeup for small eyes, products and techniques, plus a boost of confidence, the natural charm of your gaze will shine through.

Mastering Eye Makeup Techniques for Beautiful Eyes

Achieving beautiful and natural eye makeup looks is all about using makeup strategically to enhance your eyes’ natural sparkle. While tips can create an illusion of larger eyes, the ultimate goal is bringing out their existing vibrant beauty. Some techniques for thoughtful enhancement include:

Build Dimensional Depth

Blend three coordinated eyeshadow shades from lightest at the inner corners to darkest at the outer corners. This eye-look gradient generates flattering depth and width.

Eyeshadow Shades

Thin, Defining Lines

Thick eyeliner can seem harsh on small eyes. For brighter opening effects, keep the liner elegantly thin, extending just slightly longer along the upper outer lash line.

Thin Liner for Small Eyes


Fan Out The Fringe

Frame eyes with lifted, fanned-out lashes. Curl upwards, then brush mascara in a zigzag pattern across top and bottom lashes to capture every single hair with a volumizing colour.

Fanned-out Lashes

Hidden Lid Liner

Try subtly tracing the hidden waterline between upper lashes with an angled pencil brush or eyeliner. This tightlining neatly defines eyes without overwhelming small lid space.

Hidden Lid Liner

The right eye makeup for you should make your eyes shine while feeling comfortable. Test eye-opening techniques to determine your best signature style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques specifically designed for eye makeup to make eyes look bigger. Embrace what flatters your distinctive beauty rather than overpowering it with unflattering tricks. Most importantly, approach makeup as a way to revel in what already makes your eyes mesmerizing!

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Make Up Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Wish your eyes had more mesmerizing magnetism? While loving your natural peepers is important, some clever cosmetic techniques can spotlight their beauty even more. It’s time to uncover the makeup secrets that make eyes appear irresistibly wider and brighter!

  • Bathe lids in the sunshine: Apply light shimmery eyeshadows like metallic champagne, pearlescent pink, or matte nude beige across the entire eyelid up to the brow bone. This visually widens and brightens the canvas of the eye.
  • Brighten with white: Dark waterline eyeliner can overwhelm and close up eyes. Instead, trace the inner rims with a brightening white or nude kohl pencil. This makes eyes look refreshed, awake, and bigger.
  • Pop colour at inner corners: Use a flat shader brush to press vibrant emerald or sapphire shadow at the inner corners of the eyes. This unexpected pop makes the eyes look wider.
  • Lift with brows: Frame eyes with defined, slightly arched brows using brow pomade for fuller shape. Carefully draw and blend colour for an instant eye-opening lift.
  • Glow with highlighter: Using a small tapered brush, lightly sweep champagne or opal highlighter along brow bones and inner eye corners to look lit from within. This inner glow makes eyes dazzling.
  • Flirt with fringe: Apply individual false lashes just to the outer top and bottom lash lines. Concentrating fullness at the outer corners creates a lifted, doe-eyed effect without too much weight on small lids.

Makeup should be fun self-expression. Play with techniques to find how to best flatter your unique, gorgeous gaze!


Does Eyelash Tinting Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Yes! Tinting your eyelashes a dark colour makes them much more visible and defined. This creates more contrast around your eyes and makes them stand out more. The effect helps the eyes look bigger and brighter.

Can Face Yoga Make My Eyes Look Bigger?

Certain face yoga exercises that focus on the area around the eyes may help. For example, exercises that lift the under-eye area and brow bone can create more visible lid space. Just don’t stretch the skin too aggressively. Always be gentle.

What Makeup Should You Avoid If You Have Small Eyes?

Thick black eyeliner and dark smokey eyeshadow tend to be unflattering for smaller eyes. These can make lids appear weighed down. Instead, when exploring eye shadow looks, focus on lighter, shimmery shadows and very thin liner flicks. Choosing brighter and more reflective eyeshadows can open up the eyes, making them look larger and more captivating. Experiment with different eye shadow looks to find the perfect combination that enhances your unique features and complements the natural charm of your gaze.

Does Putting Vaseline on Your Eyes Make Them Bigger?

No, this claim is untrue. Vaseline may temporarily make eyes appear glossier and wider due to its petroleum jelly texture. But it has no long-term effect on eye size or shape.


Discover the art of creating bigger, brighter eyes with clever makeup hacks and tricks. From curling lashes to tightlining and highlighting, these techniques, tailored to individual eye sizes and shapes, bring transformative results. Experiment with eyeshadow gradients, winged liners, and false lashes to amplify your gaze. With the right products and practice, makeup becomes a tool to celebrate the innate charm of your eyes.

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