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How to pick best hair color for green eyes

When it comes to hair color, many people are unaware of what shades work best with their eyes. Green eyes were considered a witch color due to hypnotizing magnetism.
Hazel eyes stand out in a crowd, and when the right hair color is paired with them, the results can be stunning. But what is the best hair color for hazel eyes? Let’s find out.

The main principle of coloristic

What hair color is best for green eyes? The answer to this question depends largely on your natural skin tone and eye color. If you have fair skin and light-colored eyes, then lighter shades of brown or blonde will look great on you. Darker skin tones can get away with more dramatic colors such as auburn or black. The key is to find a shade that complements your natural coloring without being too jarring.

Light Brown Hair Color


If you want to keep your natural look with just a hint of color, then light brown is an excellent choice. This subtle shade will bring out the green and gold in hazel eyes without overwhelming them. Light brown is the best hair color for hazel eyes for romantic looks lovers.

Dark Brown Hair Color


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For those wanting more contrast, dark brown hair is worth considering. This deep hue will draw attention to your beautiful hazel eyes while also making them appear brighter and fuller. This color may add volume to your hairstyle. Additionally, dark brown can be dyed or highlighted in many different ways to add texture and dimension to your overall look. Brown or even black is the best hair color for olive skin and green eyes.



Blonde may seem like an odd choice for someone with hazel eyes—but when done correctly it can yield stunning results! Blonde tones such as honey blond, champagne blond, or ash blonde are great options if you want to emphasize the golden tones in your irises while still keeping things subtle. These shades also work well on warm skin tones and will help brighten up any complexion. If your skin tone is extremely fair, you are free to select coldish hues. Blonde is the best hair color for green eyes and fair skin.



Yep. If you’re looking for something brand new, reds have always been a great choice for those with hazel eyes. Options range from copper to actually strawberry red depending on what kind of statement you wish to make. Red is especially striking when paired with lighter skin tones. Just be sure to use a quality shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for red hair so that it stays vibrant and doesn’t fade too quickly! Also, strawberry red is the best hair color for blue-green eyes. Saturated red is the best unnatural hair color for green eyes.

Not ready for Great Changes?

If you want to refresh your hazel eyes shade, try adding subtle highlights around your face or framing your face with lighter strands of hair. You can bleach or just make a part of your hair a bit lighter. This will draw attention to your eyes and give them an extra boost of vibrancy. You could also go bold by choosing a high-contrast color such as platinum blonde or jet black. Keep in mind that these colors may require more maintenance but they can make an impactful statement when done correctly.

Another option is to use ombre highlights which blend darker roots into lighter ends for a multi-dimensional look that will add depth and dimension to your overall style. For those who prefer something more natural looking, balayage is another good choice as it creates softer transitions from dark to light without using harsh lines between colors like traditional highlights do.


Finding the best hair color for hazel eyes doesn’t have to be difficult!

Just think about what effect you want to reach: natural, dramatic, or even shocking.

Light shades, close to natural ones will highlight your face with freshness. It will be a great option for those, who adore the effect that you have not done anything with your hair.

Dark shades will make you look brighter and more dramatic. If your hair color close to your eye color, but your dream was to stand out crowd, try dark color, that is far from your natural.

Ombre is an option for those, who do not want to change a lot and risk their hair quality.

With so many options available today, there’s sure to be one that suits you perfectly and shows off those beautiful hazel eyes in all their glory! The best hair color for hazel eyes is a color that also fits your skin shade and gut feeling. Ask your stylist for advice if you’re still unsure about which shade would work best for you—they’ll know exactly how to bring out your best features!


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