Regenix Review: Does This Hair Loss Treatment Work?

Let us have a look over the honest Regenix reviews for 2023. Regenix is an effective hair-loss solution to prevent hair loss and help in the regrowth of your hair. The USP of this product is that this custom is formulated for either gender. There are no chemical substances and each composition is used in a particular percentage to help with the user’s hair loss pattern.


There are lots of products in the market but most of them are chemical-based which only leads to more hair loss and hair thinning. It is important to choose the right product for healthy hair which can be maintained with minimum expenditure.

What Is Regenix?

Regenix helps in maintaining the vitality of the hair and it needs not to be used lifelong.

It helps in regaining the hair that happens with stress, hormonal imbalance, especially after pregnancy and breastfeeding, pollution, and all such external factors. Those who undergo hair loss after chemotherapy can also use it after 6-9 months for better results.

Regenix Ingredients

According to the official website of Regenix, it is an all-plant-based formulation and uses no chemicals or drugs. Also, the user has to send his/her hair samples based on which the solution is customized. Since no two scalps and hair loss patterns are the same, no two Regenix hair treatment solutions have the same composition. But the basic ingredients are usually:

  • Sandalwood
  • Amino acids
  • Citrus
  • Apple
  • Bergamot
  • Jasmine natural plant extracts
  • Chamomile
  • Tea tree extracts

Regenix products are completely free of these compounds:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • SLS
  • Dyes
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • MEA
  • DEA
  • TEA
  • GMOs
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates

Regenix Instructions

How to use Regenix in 2023? If you too wonder about this, this write-up is for you.

Here is a breakdown of the usage of Regenix.

  1. Just order the starter kit and send your hair sample for microanalysis. You need to order stage 2 after receiving the microanalysis report.
  2. It is meant for cleansing and revitalizing your scalp. The starter kit helps in
    • Removing dandruff and/or dryness
    • Increasing blood circulation
    • Removal of dead skin cells
    • Removing sebum in follicle entrances
  3. You begin to start stage 2 treatment with the customized hair formulation. It removes negative elements and helps in stabilizing hair thinning and hair loss. You need to resend hair samples for stage 3 treatment.
  4.  This stage pumps up nutrients and minerals to the hair follicles. The scalp was already prepared for this stage in the previous months. So it instantly absorbs the nutrients. The hair follicles instantly hear up for hair regrowth.

How Does Hollywood Star Matthew McConaughey Use Regenix?

So, does Regenix really work? In his autobiography Green Lights, Matthew McConaughey candidly talks about his struggle with hair loss and its negative impact on his acting career. He started using Regenix products in 1999 and then there was no turning back.

He says that his luscious hair is because of the natural products that Regenix customized for his hair. The hair ultimately came out better than ever and he never looked back. Matthew McConaughey’s hair loss treatment is a brilliant example of how natural products can help you get your confidence back. He is a classic poster boy for Regenix before and after pictures.

Regenix Prices

Here is a breakdown of the prices of the products of Regenix hair care:

  1. Regenix starter kit: $199 for a 30-day supply of products
  2. Moisture balance shampoo: $27.00
  3. Pure balance shampoo: $27.00
  4. Deep follicle cleanser: $27.00
  5. Replenish conditioner: $30.00
  6. Essential scalp protectant: $27.00
  7. Keratin damage control gel: $50.00
  8. Follicle guard pre-color treatment: $50.00
  9. Hair spray: $15.00
  10. Styling gel: $15.00
  11. B-complex with amino acids: $16.00
  12. Iron supplement for women: $14.00
  13. Saw palmetto complex: $22.00

Regenix also offers discounts and promo codes for old as well as new users. You can access the codes on the homepage of If you place an order and it costs a certain amount, then you may not be required to pay the shipping charges.

You can also opt for the money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. To avail of that, you need to raise a request with the Regenix website. Also, there is no Regenix hair oil. So, beware of the scammers there.

Pros and Cons

It is an all-plant-based product Does not promote hair regrowth on bald head
The formulation is customized for each user A bit expensive product
No side-effects
Does not require life-long use
The free consultation is available through phone and zoom video calls


Is Regenix effective?

Yes. There are no products in the market that analyze your hair loss and then give the treatment plan. Regenix is the only one that makes it effective.

Can Regenix be used on patients with chemotherapy?

Usually, it takes 6-9 months after the chemotherapy for the hair to regain its growth. So, the product website suggests that users wait for at least 6 months to see if the hair begins to grow back on its own. If it does not happen, then Regenix is safe to use.

Does Regenix have side effects?

Since Regenix does not contain any chemical substance and is a complete plant-based formulation, it does not show any side effects.

Will Regenix be useful for regrowing hair on a bald head?

No. Regenix is meant to be used on thinning and unhealthy hair. It does not promote hair growth on a bald head. You need to go for a hair transplantation.

How fast does Regenix work?

It takes a minimum of 9 months for the desired results to show when the complete treatment plan is followed diligently.

Is Regenix topical ointment safe?

Yes. It is absolutely safe.


With today’s fast-paced and stressed lifestyle, hair loss and hair thinning have become common phenomena. Unfortunately, the market does not have specialized treatment plans for the users. Most products are mass-manufactured and contain harmful chemicals. They may show an immediate benefit but in the long run, they only aggravate the condition.

The biggest advantage of Regenix is that it is a completely plant-based product that is customized according to the hair sample you send. No other product offers this type of customization. With the product comes a full user manual.

When followed promptly, you get desired results and that too without any side effects. So, if you are dealing with hair loss or if your hair is in bad health, just grab this product and experience the magic for yourself!


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