Almond Eye Makeup

Almond Eye Makeup: Techniques, Tips & Looks

Tired of the same old look? Almond eye makeup is your gateway to a whole new you! Imagine eyes like Cleopatra’s, mesmerizing with their sharp lines and natural radiance. This guide unlocks the secrets of almond eye magic, teaching you how to make those peepers truly captivate. No more blending in – it’s time to unleash the drama, the sophistication, the pure enchanting power only almond eyes and the right makeup can bring! Get ready to paint a masterpiece on your face – let’s unleash the magic!

Decoding Almond Eyes

Ever wondered why some eyes effortlessly embrace every makeup trend? Often, the key lies in their distinct shape. Almond-shaped eyes, renowned for their naturally elongated and well-proportioned curves, provide an ideal surface for artistic makeup application. Picture a world where dealing with drooping lids or navigating around hooded corners is not a concern – only a smooth, open canvas eager for creative expression. So, what sets these eyes apart precisely?

  • Symmetry: Forget the struggle of uneven wings! Almond eyes are naturally balanced, with slightly wider outer corners that beg for elegant eyeliner flicks. No awkward adjustments, just effortless beauty.
  • Naturally Lifted: No need for tricks! Almond eyes have a built-in lift thanks to their visible crease, making them appear bright and awake without extra effort.
  • Chameleon Queens: Forget limitations, embrace endless possibilities! Almond eyes are the makeup world’s chameleons, adapting flawlessly to any look. From soft shimmers to full-blown glam, bold colours to intricate liners, these eyes handle it all with effortless grace.

Eye Makeup by Shape: Crafting the Perfect Canvas

Understanding your unique features is crucial in the world of makeup, and your eyes are no exception! Just as landscapes vary, so do eyes. Almond eyes, celebrated for their graceful curves and balanced proportions, are often considered “ideal,” but the beauty lies in diversity. Round eyes convey youthfulness, monolids exude cool mystery, and hooded eyes carry a captivating allure. Understanding different types of eye shapes is the first step to unlocking makeup magic.

How do you determine your eye shape? Grab a mirror and observe your eyelid shape and inner and outer corners. Does your eye have a gentle almond curve, a wide circular shape, or a captivating downturned effect? Not sure? Follow this simple guide:

  1. Eyelid Crease: Visible crease? Almond or hooded. No crease? Monolid.
  2. Outer Corner Angle: Level with inner corner? Almond. Higher? Upturned. Lower? Downturned.
  3. Iris Exposure: Visible above and below the iris? Almond or round. Mostly covered by the lid? Hooded.

Unlock your eye shape and unleash your inner makeup artist! Almond eyes are a versatile playground for winged liners and bold shadows. Round eyes shine with subtle definition, hooded eyes elevate with gradients and highlights, monolids rock vibrant colours, and downturned eyes sparkle with lifted liner flicks. Enhance, don’t mask, your unique features for a personalized and stunning look!

Eye Makeup Ideas for Almond Eyes

Attention all almond-eyed wonders! Your eyes serve as naturally stunning canvases, awaiting a touch of creativity. Feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of options? Fret not, as this guide unveils a trove of five contemporary and chic eye makeup concepts tailored specifically for your flawless almond shape.

Sleek Graphic Liner

Embrace your inner influencer with a sleek cat-eye, the best eyeliner shape for almond eyes. Initiate with a delicate line at the inner corner, gradually thickening it outward for a subtle feline flair. Feeling daring? Opt for neon green or electric blue – runway-ready hues that complement your almond shape effortlessly. Picture of Zendaya at the Met Gala.

Sleek Graphic Liner

Timeless Smoky Effect

Master the classic smoky eye like a pro, adapting the technique to your almond eye shape. Blend a warm brown eyeshadow into your crease, smudging it upwards for a natural, diffused appearance. Craving drama? Add a deeper brown along your lash line and blend outward. Amp up the volume with generous mascara – your lashes can handle it! Think Gigi Hadid’s captivating red carpet look.

Timeless Smoky Effect

Vibrant Monochrome

Dive into bold, unexpected colours with the monochrome trend, tailoring eye makeup by eye shape. Metallic coppers, rich aubergines, or vibrant fuchsia – choose your colour and blend generously across your lid and into the crease. Keep the liner minimal, allowing the eyeshadow to shine. Imagine Rihanna’s iconic purple eyeshadow moment.

Vibrant Monochrome

Glitter Extravaganza

Prepare to sparkle! Apply a light eyeshadow base, then tap on loose glitter for a subtle twinkle – a perfect almond eye shape makeup technique. Feeling bold? Add a thin line of glitter eyeliner along your lash line for instant party vibes. Almond eyes can handle any glitter size or texture – have fun experimenting with Dua Lipa’s disco-inspired glitter look.

Glitter Extravaganza

Double Wing Adventure

Push boundaries with the double wing trend, a unique approach to eye makeup ideas. Create two thin wings, one on the upper and one on the lower lash line. Experiment with colours and shapes while keeping the rest of your makeup minimal – your eyes steal the spotlight. Channel Bella Hadid’s edgy double wing.

Double Wing

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Hooded Almond Eyes: Makeup Tips for Double the Drama

Got eyes that are the envy of Cleopatra, with a subtle hood adding an extra dose of mystery? You’ve got hooded almond eyes, a stunning combo that can be both a blessing and a curse in the makeup world. But fear not, fellow hooded-eye fam! We’re here to navigate the challenges and unlock the hidden potential of your peepers.

Challenge 1: The Elusive Crease

Frustrated by eyeshadow disappearing under your hooded eyes? Common struggle. The solution is to collaborate with your anatomy. Begin with an eyeshadow primer to prevent creasing, applying a light shade to your entire lid. Now, add depth by blending a darker shade into the crease, following the natural curve of your hood. Picture tracing the shadow of your hood, not resisting it. This technique ensures the colour beautifully peeks out when your eyes are open.

Hooded Eyes

Challenge 2: Liner Limbo

Winged eyeliner is challenging for hooded eyes, as the hood may hide your efforts or create an unintentional downturned appearance. However, don’t give up on eyeliner just yet! The secret weapon is tight-lining. Apply a pencil or gel liner to your upper waterline, close to your lashes, subtly defining your eyes without adding bulk to the lid. For a hint of drama, experiment with a thin, angled line extending slightly beyond your outer corner.

Liner Limbo

Opportunity: Double the Drama

Hooded eyes are natural for creating smoky eye looks. The hood naturally offers a foundation for seamless blending, providing the opportunity to experiment with vibrant hues and daring tones. Begin with a subtle base, then seamlessly blend deeper shades into the crease and outer corner. Feel free to explore smudging and diffusing techniques for an alluring and sultry atmosphere.

Smoky Eye

Bonus Tip: Lashes are your best friend! Apply mascara generously to both your upper and lower lashes to open up your eyes and add extra drama.

Almond Eyes vs Round Eyes: Makeup Magic for Both!

Ever wondered what makes your eyes so unique? Well, if you have almond-shaped eyes, you’re part of a lucky club! But how do they stack up against the equally captivating world of round eyes? Let’s dive into the mesmerizing differences and discover makeup tips to make both shine!

Eye Shape Showdown:

Feature Almond Eyes Round Eyes
Shape Oval with slightly pointed ends Circular, with no visible corners
Lid Space Ample space for eyeshadow and eyeliner play Limited lid space, sometimes with hooded lids
Iris Visibility More of the iris is visible above and below Iris is mostly covered by the eyelid
Overall Look Sophisticated, elongated Youthful, wide-eyed

Makeup Magic for Round Eyes:

  • Lifting Liner: Create the illusion of elongated eyes with a thin liner that extends slightly outwards. Skip the heavy wing, and focus on lifting the outer corner.

Lifting Liner

  • Open Up with Light: Use lighter eyeshadow shades like champagne or peach on your lids and inner corners to make your eyes appear wider with nude makeup. Add a soft brown crease for definition.

Nude Makeup Round Eyes


  • Lash Power: Lengthening mascara is your best friend! It’ll define your lashes and add an illusion of depth to your eyes.

Lengthening Mascara

Always keep in mind that makeup is a celebration of your beauty! Whether your eyes boast an almond or round shape, consider these tips as a jumping-off point. Dive into experimentation, enjoy the process, and discover what adds that special twinkle to your eyes!


Queens with almond-shaped eyes, armed with these incredible makeup tips, you’re now poised to slay graphic liners, smoky eyes, and monochrome looks perfectly tailored to your stunning eye shape. Mastering almond eye makeup goes beyond techniques; it’s a journey of unlocking confidence and fully embracing your unique beauty.

Soak in those vibes and dive into experimentation with double wings, glitter liners, or a soft, natural shimmer. Your makeup journey is just kicking off! Seize your brushes, unleash your creativity, and let your almond eyes become the conversation starters. Explore online tutorials, draw inspiration from celebrities, and relish the process. With your almond eyes, go out there and conquer the world!

Happy experimenting – you’ve got this!

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