How to make an eyebrow slit

Have you ever seen a vertical cut through someone’s eyebrows? If so, then you’ve likely come across an eyebrow slit—a popular trend among hip-hop artists and other celebrities in recent years. If the thought of making an eyebrow slit makes your stomach feel tight, don’t worry! It may seem intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the process, but it’s totally achievable with the right tools and some know-how.

When an eyebrow slit trend was settled?

The eyebrow slit trend first started to gain traction in 2018, with celebrities such as Rihanna and YouTube beauty guru James Charles popularizing the look. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that the trend truly settled in and became a full-fledged style statement for fashionistas around the world.

In early 2020, Instagram began to be inundated with pictures of people sporting the bold look, and as summer rolled around, it was no longer uncommon to see someone wearing eyebrow slits on their face. Articles covering the new eyebrow slit trend sprouted up all over the internet – from lifestyle websites to beauty blogs – and it was even considered a “must-have” look for some influencers. By the end of 2020, more and more people had embraced the eyebrow slit trend and made it part of their daily makeup routine.


Makeup artists also got creative with different ways to adorn an eyebrow slit; common techniques included glittering designs or adding jewels/beaded accents along its edges. The trend quickly spread across all social media platforms – TikTok saw an influx of tutorials on how to create unique eyelash slits; YouTube saw countless reviews on products needed for making this distinction; and Twitter had funny memes about how people were proudly flaunting their latest slice designs.

It’s safe to say that by 2021, the eyebrow slit trend had become firmly cemented in popular culture. With celebrities like Jaden Smith sporting multiple versions of this eye-catching look at award shows and music videos alike, it’s clear that this is here to stay for a long time coming – so if you’re feeling daring enough, why not give one a try?

How to make eyebrow slits?

Here’s a helpful step-by-step guide on making an eyebrow slit at home. Break out the tweezers, antiseptic cream, and feeling of accomplishment – you’ve got this!

  • Prep your brows by using a soft brush to comb through your eyebrow hairs. This will help you determine how thick or thin you would like your eyebrow slits to be. Then take two pieces of tape, and use them as a guideline as to where you would like the slits to go. They should not be too close together, so make sure there is enough space between them for each individual slit.


  • Next, use either a face razor or electric shaver—preferably one specifically designed for facial hair—and begin cutting along the taped lines in small motions with steady hands. Make sure not only to hold your skin taut while shaving, but also to ensure that you are using clean tools each time you shave in order to avoid infection or inflammation of the skin. Once finished shaving, use tweezers to pluck out any remaining stray hairs around the eyebrows that may have been missed with the razor or shaver. You can make your brow line less dense instead of shaving it off. It will create natural-looking eyebrow slits.


  • Once all of your slits are done and trimmed up, it’s time to give them definition and depth with brow-filling products such as waxes, gels, pomades, and powders. These will help keep your slits looking sharp for longer periods of time. To finish off the look and hide any mistakes made during trimming or shaping, use concealer around each eyebrow slit for a polished look that won’t budge all day long!


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Brow Slit: Dos and Donts


  • Clean the area before making your eyebrow slit. Make sure to use a facial cleanser or toner that is suitable for your skin type. Additionally, consider using a mild exfoliator to remove any dead skin cells and give the area a smooth surface.


  • Trim the hairs above the eyebrow line with a pair of clean scissors or an electric trimmer. This will help you to create a more defined look when making your eyebrows slit.


  • Use a sharp razor blade to make a single, straight cut along the brow line, starting from one side of the eyebrow and ending at the other. Aim for an even cut that doesn’t deviate from its path too much and try not to go too deep into the skin; otherwise, you’ll risk cutting yourself and/or creating scarring


  • Lightly dab some antibiotic ointment around each eye to prevent infections in case of any cuts or nicks while making your eyebrow slit.


  • Apply some aftercare oil like jojoba oil on both sides of your eyebrows to keep them moisturized and promote healing as well as hair regrowth after making an eyebrow slit.


  • Keep up with regular upkeep by trimming stray hairs that have grown past your desired slit length every few weeks or so in order to maintain a neat appearance and keep it looking neat over time; this will also help encourage healthy hair growth in the process!




  • Don’t attempt to make an eyebrow slit if you are under 18 years old since it requires precision and can be dangerous if done incorrectly; if possible, wait until you are 18+ before attempting this procedure at home (or ask an experienced friend/family member to assist).


  • Don’t use dull blades when making an eyebrow slit; instead, opt for sharp blades that won’t snag on any strands of hair as they can cause more damage than good!


  • .Don’t go too deep when making your eyebrow slit as this can lead to cuts and scarring which may take longer than expected to heal properly;


  •   Don’t forget about aftercare! Even though it may be tempting to skip this step, it is essential for promoting healing and preventing infection when making an eye slit; always apply some light aftercare oil such as jojoba oil once all is said and done!


  •   .Don’t forget proper hygiene: As with any other grooming regimen, hygiene is key – so make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before handling any tools used for prepping/making slots and then again afterward in order to prevent bacteria from spreading your face or into open wounds caused by the cutting process itself!




What are the possible risks associated with making an eyebrow slit?

As mentioned earlier, making an eyebrow slit carries certain risks including potential pain, scarring, infection, hair regrowth, and potential damage to the skin around the eyes. In addition, if you are using tweezers or other sharp instruments to make your eyebrow slit, there is always a potential risk of cutting yourself or damaging surrounding tissues due to accidental slips or wrong pressure applied on the skin.

Is it permanent?

No – although some people opt for permanent treatments such as laser removal or tattoo removal for their brow slits, most people choose temporary procedures such as waxing which typically last up to 4-6 weeks before needing maintenance again. It’s also important to remember that even though waxing offers more control over how long your brow slits last, it can still cause irritation and redness in some cases so please read all instructions carefully before attempting any procedure at home or visiting a professional for help with making your brow slits permanent. It is good to know that you may get rid of an eyebrow slit when it would not be desired for you.

How do I care for my newly made eyebrow slits?

For starters, once you’ve gotten your eyebrow slit done properly by a professional – be sure to keep them clean by regularly washing them with a gentle cleanser so they stay hydrated and free from bacteria build-up which can lead to further irritation and infection the line. You should also avoid touching eyebrow slits area too much as oils from our hands can lead to clogged pores which can eventually result in ingrown hairs or pimples around your eyelids area where the brows were made – especially when undergoing waxing procedures! In addition, try not to apply products like mascara directly onto them as this may cause smudging or streaks on your face!

What is the meaning of eyebrow slits in LGBTQ+?

The wider acceptance of eyebrow slits amongst members of the queer community has extended beyond simply wearing them as a fashion statement or symbol of pride — they have also become an important form of activism and solidarity.

Eyebrow slits refer to an androgynous look that can be identified by an individual’s thinning of their eyebrows into thin lines or even tiny dots, creating a distinctive style that can be recognized from far away.

Many LGBTQ+ activists and influencers have begun sporting thinned eyebrows as part of campaigns aimed at normalizing and promoting acceptance of various gender expressions, affirming that it’s okay for anyone — regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity — to dress however they please without fear or judgment from others. Alternative hairstyles and fashion is a way for those identifying as gender fluid or non-binary to create a safe space for themselves where they feel comfortable and accepted in society. But at the same time, it is not correct to say that you are not straight anymore if you have an eyebrow slit.


Overall, making an eyebrow slit is easier than it looks when done correctly and patiently with high-quality products suited for its purpose. Be sure not to rush when creating these eyebrow slits designs since it could lead to hair loss or infection from unclean tools if not done properly! With patience and practice, anyone can create unique looks with their own personal style of an eyebrow slit – enjoy!


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